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State of the art adult health care for Andalusia, AL

State of the art adult health care for Andalusia, AL

Physical Exams

When it comes to providing adult health care, you won't find a more caring and attentive team than the one we've assembled here at Rex A Butler MD. From heart surgeries to annual check-ups we can be at your service. We also offer physical exams, which are occasionally required for sports or camp programs, as well as new a job hire. Unlike a regular doctor’s office, at out adult health care clinic scheduling an appointment for a thorough physical exam requires just a few days waiting time.

We provide state-of-the-art care. Call us today and find out why we're Andalusia, AL's first choice in adult health care.

Vascular Testing

Vascular testing is a non-invasive testing technique to locate areas of vascular blockage and disease, which may be producing your vein symptoms. At Rex A Butler MD adult health care center, we offer vascular testing to map varicose veins and understand the venous function. We use advanced technologies to ensure patients receive a complete diagnosis. Our advanced vascular testing methods include:
  • Photoplethysmography (D-PPG)
  • Doppler
  • Duplex ultrasound
  • Evaluation of deep and superficial venous structure and function
  • Detailed medical evaluation
Call us today to set your non-invasive vascular testing appointment!

Weight Management

At Andalusia’s adult health care clinic we offer weight management services dedicated to patients who experience weight issues. 

Our aim is not to make you loose weight rapidly, but to change the way you think about food and exercise. By establishing a healthy lifestyle, it is certain you will reach your dieting goal. Not only will we help you lose weight but most importantly, keep the weight off!

Whether you want to lose weight to look better or because you are suffering from poor health, we can help. If you are serious about losing weight, please contact us today - (334) 222-8525 

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